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Flexible Payment Plan

Authors can take advantage of a flexible payment plan by just paying an initial payment for service package security. Payments can be made in installment basis or customized transactions.

100% Royalty on Net Profit

Paradigm Print gives authors the incredible advantage of keeping up 100% of their royalties on Net Profit. With this feature, authors can take away a highest percentage of their book sales. Paradigm Print will not in any way earn profit out from author's book sales. Author will also be provided the privilege to set the retail price of their book.

100% Author Rights

Authors are entitled the full rights to their book. With 100% rights, authors retain the highest authority over their work.

With so many avenues available for marketing a book, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of ineffective and unprofitable marketing models. This is why it’s important to follow a strategic marketing plan — where you can track your efforts and measure its effectiveness.

Many successful book titles are products of marketing trial and error…but what if you could skip the “error” part and make sure that you’re doing the right thing?

The question is: where can you find an expert book marketing firm to help you plan out your strategy ahead of your launch?

Look no further because PARADIGM PRINT got you covered!


Our Approach

A - Attention

Your possible readers are barraged by thousands of different book advertising messages and communication inputs every day. Because of this, people are very good at skimming and not retaining what they read. Ensuring that your message is seen and read will mean the difference between success and failure.

  I  - Interest

Now that you’ve gotten your readers to actually click on your headline, how do you keep them on page to actually read what took you a good chunk of research and time to write?

 D - Desire

This is the set up for the grand finale… It’s very important that you get this part right. If you don’t, all your efforts up to this point will be for naught. Your task is to reach out and generate desire for your book title.

 A - Action

In a word, this is where you close the deal. Be specific and keep it simple. 



Paradigm Print is a brand-development company with special focus on working with authors and small business entrepreneurs.

We help authors and small business owners improve their brand visibility, utilize targeted promotional strategies and generate awareness thereby producing online traffic needed to flourish in today's competitive marketplace. 

We support authors and small business entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds succeed by offering social media campaign, high quality web designs and a wide array of marketing services that would enhance online presence and increase revenue.

Paradigm Print is composed of par excellence freelancers that normally fulfill marketing services offered by trade and  major publishers. Publishers usually put too much mark up from the services they offer that is why authors are not able to extensively market their titles because it’s way too expensive for them. This is where we come in as a company, we’ve been in the business for more than decades now and over the last five years  we’ve been helping major publishers in marketing their authors’ books which resulted to great success. Recently we have decided to finally pursue our long-term project, to work with authors directly and provide effective marketing services without putting a huge amount of investment.


Our distribution deals are the best in Canada and United States. We offer 100% net royalties and are transparent on who is working on your book. We absolutely don’t mark up printing, unlike some major companies. You can order copies of your book with only paying the print charge, the shipping and handling and the taxes.

  • You retain all the rights to your book

  • You completely control the book design

  • You can publish quickly

  • You can have paperback, hardback, and e-book availability

  • You can distribute your book worldwide

  • You can target your market

  • You earn royalties on every sale

  • Your book will never go out of print

  • You have access to around-the-clock customer support



Paradigm Print offers a wide selection of services that will undoubtedly answer all your publishing needs. The company has always gone the extra mile to give authors the support they need to make their self-publishing dreams come true. The services include quality printing that covers a variety of forms. Your book will also be given the best marketing services possible with the lowest possible investment all across the book industry. It will follow a cost-effective and highly intricate marketing plan that will ensure its full marketing potential. With these services you will be equipped with everything you need to succeed as a self-published author.

Guaranteed! We have the lowest possible investment all across the industry.


 Our publishing team is well-equipped with the knowledge and skill to guide you in the publishing process. Here at Paradigm Print, we understand that our writers' needs are as varied as the masterpieces they strive to compose. And to emphasize your book’s distinction from others, we have designed specific publishing program to cater to your exact needs.

 Selling your self-published book requires an intricate marketing plan. Paradigm Print provides all the essential tools to maximize your book’s sales potential. With our broad range of marketing services, we guarantee your book will shine through dynamic media platforms. Establish your brand with us and make your book a bestseller!



Spread the word about your story. Our strategic publicity campaigns are specifically designed to build your credibility and increase your brand awareness. Extend your reach to a wider audience by tapping into unique media platforms for maximum exposure. We will help you formulate your publicity campaign and assist you in executing it perfectly, down to the very last details!


First impressions are crucial and your book has to deliver a good one to succeed in the market. With millions of other books up for release, you have to make yours stand out with eye-catching visuals. Let your story reach its best version by having it professionally formatted and designed by our team.


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