Our publishing team is well-equipped with the knowledge and skill to guide you in the publishing process. Here at Paradigm Print, we understand that our writers' needs are as varied as the masterpieces they strive to compose. And to emphasize your book’s distinction from others, we have designed specific publishing program to cater to your exact needs.

Open Textbook in Library

Black and White Publishing

Black & White Publishing

Paradigm’s Black & White Publishing will bring your book to life in full quality format and make it available in paperback and hardcover. Debut your story with professional full-color cover design, gray-scale graphics and text, and durable, flawless binding. 

Comic Books

Premium Color Publishing

Premium Color Publishing

Produce full colored editions of your story in Paperback format. Paradigm's Premium Color lets you highlight the images and graphic design of your story through full-color digital printing. You can add a bright, lively flare to your graphic novels, children’s books and any other material that has images in its context. Choose from five premium color packages that are specifically created and customized to cater to your specific publishing needs


Children's Book Publishing

Children's Book Publishing

Acquire the ways to reaching your dreams by publishing your very own children’s book. Unlike any other Publishing outlets, Paradigm's has offered every seeking author the most practical price for each package in Children’s Book Publishing. Reach out to us and start publishing a children’s book by acquiring any of the packages the best suits your taste of fairytale.